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he just really ruined my fave moments is all i was so sad :( but yea omg javert like fucking backstroking during the suicide omg i nearly cried from laughter :’) i’m sorry i just cant deal with the new show and some of the v. bad casting decisions

oh my gosh i was just watching it like is this really happening is this a decision you really wanted to make he like puts one fist in the air before he jumps too like he’s going ‘yEAH!’ (hayden tee though i love)

i lit just can’t say bad things about these people i’m like yes ur so good look at u singing and acting ily

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wait what?? you liked grantaire? i thought he was by far the worst thing in a bad show, like what the fuck did he do to the character?? idk i love you but diSAGREE SO MUCH SO SO MUCH

i was talking about the actor actually that dude was hella at stagedoor

and i thought he was alright tbh, but i don’t know as much about les mis as youuuuu so i don’t really know what grantaire’s meant to be like


Eurasian Lynx (by Truus & Zoo)

beauxbatons: top 5 things that happened for you this week

oh my god i’ve been sleeping so much this week after the excitement of last week these are gonna be lame

  • provisional acceptance into diploma of vet nursing!!!
  • my kitty welcoming me back home all cuddly and shit i love him
  • max is actually numbers 1 through 5
  • starting biology in my course lit my favourite subject
  • gonna get to see all the cats in need babies tomorrow
  • actually sleeping and being indoors with a heater that was a good thing that happened after all the cold in melbs
birdlaces: top five glindas, and top five places you want to travel to?

oh boy glindas - i have a lot, but

  • suzie mathers
  • katie rose clarke
  • lucy durack (i know she doesn’t have the best voice but i love her so m uch)
  • gina beck
  • annaleigh ashford

places to travel

  • new york city!
  • melbourne again tbh
  • ireland
  • austin, texas but literally only during rtx
  • london


put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

i forgot to mention some other cool things abt melbourne now that i’m thinkin about it again

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"I saw a woman recently on the street in New York, and she looked a lot like Doralee, with a teeny-tiny body and a chest that was enormous," Hilty says. "She was almost ashamed because men were cat-calling at her, and walked with her head down. For a long time, I just ignored it. But lately, playing Doralee, I don’t anymore."

Hilty, who walks her dog every day, says men will often blow kisses or make barking noises at her as she passes. She now stops and asks the men why they think it’s OK to do that, embarrassing them into silence or apologies.

"Today, with texting and e-mails, people feel they don’t need to be held accountable for their actions or what they say," Hilty says. "I’m not letting people get away with that anymore. I don’t appreciate people who don’t show you respect."

(Source: meganhilty)

"One of her favorite words is ‘magic,’ and she uses it to describe all kinds of things: roller coasters, vintage platform shoes, 19th-century novels and, especially, ladybugs. Even breakfast at McDonald’s can be magic, in her opinion, since it reminds her of her suburban childhood in Denver."


(via 500px / Snow Leopard by Ronald Coulter)